1. The award is open to all teaching members of recognised dancing asssociations.

  2. Choreographers must be aged between 18-35 years, taken on the day of the award.

  3. All choreography must be original.

  4. Choreographers may enter any dance genre.

  5. A choreographer will be limited to a maximum of three winning entries. 

  6. The winning choreographer will not be permitted to enter the same number again.

  7. Groups must consist of between 10-24 dancers. Dancers must be aged 6-20 years, taken on the day of the award. Dancers must be able to provide proof of age (ie passport or birth certificate ) when requested by the BSICA Committee or they will not be allowed to perform. 

  8. Maximum time limit 5 minutes. Musical exit may be included providing it falls within the time limit. A Tableau finish will be given a black out to allow the dancers to exit the stage.

  9. Choreographers may enter more than one group.

  10. Choreographers MAY NOT perform in their group/s.

  11. The arrangement of the group must not be changed between the DVD entry and the final performance.

  12. Portable props may be used but must meet current safety standards (fire proofing etc) and must be the property of the choreographer. The time limit to set up or remove props will be limited to 30 seconds and must be set  and removed by your group or chaperones.

  13. Standard stage lighting only.

  14. In Musical Theatre / Song and Dance singing or miming to vocal recordings is not permitted. Vocal arrangements can be used in the dance elements of the group.

  15. The stage, backstage, dressing rooms and stage wings are out of bounds to all         except authorised personnel and performers.

  16. Choreographers will be invited to view the stage prior to the event. But rehearsal       time on stage is not allowed.

  17. Choreographers will be responsible for any damage and costs incured by their           group to the inside or outside of the theatre venue.

  18. Entries must be submitted via a dropbox or google drive link by the closing date. Please include the choreographers name and the title of the number. 

  19. Entry fee £16 per group (non refundable). Payment to be made at the time of registration via the online form.

  20. The closing date for entries is 30th June 2022.

  21. Chosen finalists will be invited to perform at the finals held at the RNCM i24th September 2022. All choreographers will be notified whether or not their group has reached the final.

  22. Chosen finalist must confirm their acceptance and submit their good quality MP3 via email ( by the 23rd August 2022

  23. In order to conform to licensing laws please ensure that appropriate permission has been gained for edited music

  24. The final will be judged by 3 professional adjudicators.

  25. The adjudicating panel’s decision is final. Feedback will not be given.